The Buzz...

"A wonderful and refreshing collection of both new and old Christmas classics. Stunning vocals."

Bud Moffett
Willow Spring, NC

"This CD is incredibly beautiful.  Your range is melodious.  How you hold those notes gave me goosebumps.  I can't pick a favorite."

Mary Taylor Bunting
Wilson, NC

"Your Christmas CD is wonderful. You have such a pure voice that your singing brought tears to both of us. Fantastic! I can't wait to share your talent with all our friends and it's such a pleasure to have you as our neighbor. Thanks for sharing such a special gift we will cherish and enjoy through the holidays."

Carol and John Akerman
Wilson, NC

Thank you for inviting us to the show. We enjoyed it immensely. Please continue to do your wonderful music and bringing new talent and songs to the venue. You are wonderful and so is everyone else who performed tonight. We love you!
Rita and Mark
Feb 2013

"Long Journey is wonderful! We have about worn it out."
Johnna Garris
Jan 2013

"OMG!! I love that album pic, album title, and he is one awesome guy! when i was little, i would watch him play in church and he is one of the main reasons (he and one other older gentleman who has now passed on) that i wanted to play and sing. please tell him that, and i also want a cd!! and tell him he's like Dick Clark...Robin gets younger and younger looking every decade! how is that possible? LOL! but it's true"
Adam Barbour
Professional Musician
Dec 2012

"The JCC Show was wonderful !  Great job."
Nancy Faber
JCC Gospel Music Showcase 
Aug  2012

"Wow! The show was FANTASTIC! I loved all the songs!! Hope you do another show soon!! Love to all you guys!!"
Faye Parrish Littleton
Concert at Paramount Theatre
Jan 2012

"Thank you for asking my kids to be a part of something so special! It was a awesome show!!"
Marie Wright
Concert at Paramount Theatre
Jan 2012

"It was a great show! Glad I could be a part of it. Strange was everything I thought it would be. And the kids were fantastic!"
Duncan Neas
Concert at Paramount Theatre
Jan 2012