MRC Songwriting & Music Publishing Company LLC started with many goals in mind.

The gifted songwriters and owners of the company decided to create The Nu-TONES band which performs all their own original music and songs written by Melanie Horton, Robin Davis and Crissy Oravits. During many studio sessions of recording their own songs and having their music grow in popularity they decided it was time to help not only themselves, but other individuals with the same goal in mind. Write good songs and make money doing it. Some of the goals they had in mind are listed below:

To give songwriters a chance to submit their original songs, develop their skills as songwriters, and the freedom to have their music published by means of contractual agreements and marketing techniques by this company. The company is owned and operated by three experienced business partners: Melanie Horton the (M), Robin Davis the (R), and Crissy Oravits the (C) making up the company name.

The company was started to give all talented writers the opportunity and means to have their song material presented to other well known artists in many genres of music by many different avenues through the company. The company is headquartered at Music and More Studios which plays a pivotal role in giving the songwriter, band, soloist, choir, etc. the means to have their music recorded, engineered and produced within the same facility.

The company makes every effort to work with the writer/writers in every way to create their own individual sound making their song/songs very desirable to other artists who are always looking for material to buy. The company wants to bring out the best in every aspect of the writer by way of encouragement and proper coaching.

You can contact us via our contact page. You can call us, email us or even write. We have many different contracts to suit the best needs of the project you wish to pursue with our company. We appreciate your business very much.

MRC Songwriting and Music Publishing Company
123 S. Goldsboro Street
Wilson, NC 27893